Go To Link

Free Private Intuitive short Go Links for teams


  • Easy to Remember: Just type go/leave instead of searching for the leave policy document shared by your HR.

  • Easy to create: Just type go/2021plan and paste the link to spreadsheet and your go link is created

  • Easy to edit: You can edit the links to go to new page instead . go/goals can point to 2021 goals this year and 2022 goals next year

  • Owner: Just create a link and own it. Only owners can edit

  • Transfer Ownership: One click button to transfer ownership of go link

  • Free for ever: Just mention go-to-link.com in your blog/website and use it for free forever

  • Unlimited Links: No limits. Use unlimited links.

  • Unlimited Users: Whether your team size 10 or 10,000 do not worry about cost or limits

  • Easy Access: Use it without VPN.

  • Free chrome extension: With chrome extension use go/keyword. Without chrome extension use go-to-link.com/keyword . Firefox extension is coming soon.

  • SSO support: Google login supported.

How to Select from alternatives

  • If you want to self host try https://github.com/trotto [They also have a paid hosted solution with more features than this website]

  • If you want lots of paid features try https://www.golinks.io/

  • If you want just the important and basic features, unlimited users, unlimited links for free you are in the right website.


Is it Free?

Yes the basic core functionality is free. You can start using it for free.
There are no ads, no interstitial and it will be fast and fully functional.
If you like it and are using it beyond 30 days, spread the word.
You can give us a shoutout or mention about go-to-link.com in your website or blog or social media. Please send us a mail with screenshot to services.1dpc@gmail.com within 30 days.

What is available in paid version?

All the features available above are free. Paid version is coming soon. It will have enterprise features like change history, etc. The pricing will be low 0.1 USD per user per month.

Thanks for giving this free service. How can I send donation?

Thank you for your kindness. Please send an email to services.1dpc@gmail.com . We will guide you.

Can I use it for personal links?

Yes, signin with your @gmail id and you can use it for yourself.

Can I use without chrome extension?

Yes, you just have to use go-to-link.com/keyword . If you install the chrome extension you can use go/keyword

Does it support link parameters

Yes, use %s . for eg. go/hello/%s pointing to google.com?q=%s&stat=true will replace %s placeholder.

Does it use open source code?

This is built using open source code here https://github.com/trotto/go-links

Get in touch at services.1dpc@gmail.com